Christopher Zeohn Neyor is an international energy and environment consultant with extensive experience in all faucets of energy and environmental issues. He has done advisory work as an energy expert and consultant in several African countries including Liberia, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Sudan among others. Christopher was Senior Advisor on Energy, Environment and Climate to former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. He spearheaded development and was principal author of Liberia’s National Energy Policy that outlined strategy for post conflict power sector rehabilitation, created the Rural and Renewable Energy Agency, and development of human capacity across the energy sector. His work led to enactment of new law in 2015 allowing private sector participation in power generation and distribution and setting up of an independent regulatory agency. He led Liberia climate change negotiations for 4 years at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Most recently he led efforts to develop Liberia’s plan for net zero carbon by 2050 and assisted in the development of the REDD+ program. 

During his tenure as CEO of Liberia sole national electric utility, he helped lay the foundation for the ECOWAS (Ecowas Community of West African States) Energy Protocol that gave birth to the West Africa Power Pool. He was a visiting scholar at the Center for Energy and the Environment of the University of Pennsylvania in the early 90’s teaching in its Energy Policy and Planning Program. His area of research and emphasis of his managerial and consulting expertise are: 

  • Technology transfer, adaptation, scaling, and capacity building across projects life cycle in Africa to mitigate climate change and ensure a more sustainable environment;
  • Creating enabling environments for public-private collaboration for power sector investment, especially in renewable energy;
  • Issues related to emissions of greenhouse gases across multiple industries;
  • The productive use of energy access to help alleviate poverty and create wealth through agricultural and other entrepreneurship.

Christopher’s academic credentials include undergraduate study in Electrical Engineering at the Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. He did his graduate studies in Energy Economics at the University of Denver and Management at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.


This team is responsible for some of our industry’s
most incredible firsts, including:

● The first Net-Zero energy, waste, and water solution demonstrated to the United Nations Peacekeeping forces in Nepal

● The first DoD Foreign Military Sale (FMS) of a mobile, hybrid-powered border security system to Egypt

● Introduction of advanced microgrid modeling tools to the U.S. Army’s Operational Energy Advisors

● The first off-grid solar microgrid of its size, providing 24/7 power to a Haitian village in Les Anglais, Haiti

● The first tender to be contracted by the Kenya Rural Electrification Authority to provide power for community stabilization

● The first off-grid environmental monitoring system for use by a major American power utility in the California desert

● The first mobile renewable energy systems deployed by the Federal Aviation Authority, used for runway monitoring

● The first groundbreaking analysis of the logistical flyaway package for an elite U.S. Special Operations Forces unit. This demonstrated that fuel consumption and generation equipment can be reduced 60% with properly designed and configured renewable energy production, management and storage.

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