Consistent with the sovereignty of Tribal Nations, MKA’s mission is to provide tools which give communities control over, and equity in, their resources and infrastructure. In this joint approach, MKA is partnering with Tribal Nations to enhance energy resiliency and reduce energy costs. Savings in energy costs allow Tribal Nations to apply those savings where Tribal leadership determines the greatest need. Enhanced resiliency strengthens communities. This model establishes a Tribal Utility Authority, a Managing Director of Energy from each participating Tribe, and Resiliency Hubs. 

The Resiliency Hub, powered by The Mana Microgrid™, is a center for human capital – where new entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge base and tools which they can apply to community development needs. With The Mana Microgrid™, our triple bottom line approach gives opportunities for community members to become experts in various fields, including energy access, research & development, clean water solutions, enduring agriculture, communications, the internet of things – among various other emerging industries. We are partnering with Indigenous communities of vast and varied cultures and knowledge, who are already mobilized for resource responsibility. “Indigenous ingenuity” is where future generations of scientists, artists, and technologists emerge with the expertise to grow the local economy according to community interests. MKA is converging the world’s experts and using The Mana Microgrid™ as a physical tool to build the Resiliency Hub for the benefit of the Tribal economy.