Kevin Merrigan

Kevin Merrigan is an independent consultant specializing in US Department of Defense with an emphasis on tactical wheeled vehicles and C4ISR including Cyber, AI and Electronic Warfare.

Mr Merrigan retired from General Dynamics Mission Systems in January 2019 following a very successful 12-year career. During his career at General Dynamics he held multiple key leadership positions including vice president of business development for the Department of Defense market. His responsibilities included developing strategies that create new business opportunities and support existing DOD programs. He was responsible for overseeing everything from strategy development through program win and customer engagement.

Prior to this, Mr. Merrigan was vice president and general manager of a $500M per year Battle Management Systems line of business responsible for the overall executive management of complex command and control and information systems for the U.S. military. Programs under his leadership included the Army’s Command Post of the Future (CPOF), Prophet Enhanced tactical signals intelligence system, Tactical Airspace Integration System (TAIS), Consolidated Product Line Management, the US Marine Corps Combat Operations Centers (COC) and Common Aviation Command and Control Program (CAC2S) and USSOCOM’s Ground Mobility Vehicle as well as others.
Mr. Merrigan joined General Dynamics in 2006 following a distinguished 24-year career as an Army infantry and special operations officer. A recognized and trusted leader, Merrigan directed counter-terrorism missions for the commanding general in Afghanistan. His final assignment was with the U.S. Army Training Doctrine Command (TRADOC) overseeing the integration of battle command systems from the soldier, to the platform, to the command post.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in General Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York in 1982. Mr. Merrigan is a graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College and holds a master’s degree in National Security Studies from the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.

“That’s the whole challenge of life – to act with honor and hope and generosity, no matter what you’ve drawn. You can’t help when or what you were born, you may not be able to help how you die; but you can – and you should – try to pass the days between as a good man.”

– Sam Damon
What does mk advisors do?

This team is responsible for some of our industry’s
most incredible firsts, including:

● The first Net-Zero energy, waste, and water solution demonstrated to the United Nations Peacekeeping forces in Nepal

● The first DoD Foreign Military Sale (FMS) of a mobile, hybrid-powered border security system to Egypt

● Introduction of advanced microgrid modeling tools to the U.S. Army’s Operational Energy Advisors

● The first off-grid solar microgrid of its size, providing 24/7 power to a Haitian village in Les Anglais, Haiti

● The first tender to be contracted by the Kenya Rural Electrification Authority to provide power for community stabilization

● The first off-grid environmental monitoring system for use by a major American power utility in the California desert

● The first mobile renewable energy systems deployed by the Federal Aviation Authority, used for runway monitoring

● The first groundbreaking analysis of the logistical flyaway package for an elite U.S. Special Operations Forces unit. This demonstrated that fuel consumption and generation equipment can be reduced 60% with properly designed and configured renewable energy production, management and storage.

The Future of Resilience Will Come Through Inclusive Coalitions – Not Corporate Strategies

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A deep dive into MK Advisors

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MK Advisors Partnership

MK Advisors, a woman-owned small business which enables and enhances the adoption of net-zero technologies, today announced a partnership agreement with the Environmental Media Association (EMA), a diverse subsection of entertainment industry influencers, entrepreneurs in business, and green icons dedicated to the mission of promoting environmental progress. The global strategic partnership allows the Environmental Media Association (EMA) to assist in the expansion of MK Advisor’s presence in South Africa and in the Pacific Islands. […]

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MK Advisors Rebrand

LkM Solutions will now be MK Advisors. Our new site will include some faces you will recognize as great additions to the MK Advisor team-of-teams. […]

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MK Advisors Honors Our Veterans and Their Stories

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