We work to supply information and pathways that help members of our community realize lasting, meaningful solutions for their energy and resource needs. Over the years, we’ve developed a wealth of partnerships that can provide assistance to those who need it. We call these partners “our ecosystem.” Click on any of our partners below to learn more about them.

To become a part of our ecosystem, please contact us for a partnership assessment.

The end goal of resolving these needs is reaching a Net-Zero resource state. This means that our communities use resources wisely, achieving a balance in the greenhouse gases emitted to the atmosphere and what can be absorbed in their region. With the right configuration, it’s even possible for a community to produce more energy than it needs, and that surplus can be put towards storage, growth, or other communities in need.

Our team and ecosystem are your go-to solution for Net-Zero resource needs. We can help develop strategies and provide connection to overcome your biggest obstacles. Our services include:

  • Net-Zero Planning: power & Energy, water, waste, enduring agriculture, mobility
  • Master Planning
  • Resource Planning
  • Project Team Staffing
  • Technology Acceleration
  • Market Analysis
  • Resiliency Analysis and Valuation
  • Rapid Evaluation of Electrification Options and Feasibility Studies
  • Business Planning
  • Business Development
  • Process Development
  • Investment Strategy Development and Launch Preparation
  • Strategic Investment
  • Project and Program Development
  • Policy Support
  • Transportation and Mobility
  • Mission-specific Electrification

We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Resiliency and emergency management
  • Hybrid power systems, including mobile solutions
  • Microgrids (off-grid and bidirectional)
  • Rural electrification and energy access
  • Energy storage solutions
  • Electric utility innovation
  • Commercial and industrial renewable energy systems
  • Climate change and sustainability
  • Transportation and mobility
  • Mission-specific electrification
  • Net-Zero installations
  • Defense and peacekeeping
  • Zero waste
  • Water (including water access, wastewater recycling, and purification)
  • Energy efficiency and smart buildings
  • Cyber security

Hawaii Island view of mountains and ocean

MK Advisors incubation, Mana Pacific elects Ambassador Frankie Reed to Board of Directors

The successful incubation by MK Advisors of Mana Pacific continues to yield promising developments, as the Mana Pacific Board of Directors announced this week the election of the distinguished Ambassador Frankie Reed as the Board’s newest member. […]

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MK Advisors Recognized as International Award Winner

MK Advisors was founded in 2015, and since that time our vision has both expanded and focused. Our advisor network has continued to grow and we’ve been able to focus the business on incubations and scaling impact through our strategic partnerships. […]

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Welcome to The Mana Boutique

It is difficult to wrap my mind around the amount of time that has passed since we felt and operated “normally.” While 2020 presented the crushing reality of the shortcomings of our preparedness, 2021 snuck in gingerly but left mud tracks in each of the rooms it visited. Everyone I know personally and professionally has felt the weight of lessons learned these past two years – and everyone I know is enthusiastically turning the page of the past, integrating those crucial lessons, and barreling headfirst into a hopeful new reality of 2022. […]

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