LkM Solutions was founded by Michelle Klassen Merrigan in 2015. For four years, she acted as the company’s guide, face, and greatest advocate. When Michelle involved herself in the private equity world—and later the US Department of Defense and international relations—she modified her signature to “MK.” That change helped to get rid of any unhelpful gender-based biases that she encountered in the industry.

When LkM’s marketing partner interviewed members of our community, they learned that people confused LkM and MK on a regular basis. Because of this, we worked with our marketing partner to integrate MK into our brand.

But this was never a story about Michelle. This was, and is, about the ecosystem our company built. We knew our name needed a meaning that went beyond the story of one person.


MK Advisors means, first and foremost, Mana Kalani. This phrase describes the essence of our work. “Mana Kalani” means “the power of the sky.”

But the power we develop goes beyond the literal application of electrical power, and the sky does not just describe how we support wind and solar. Sure, those are a part of who we are, but they’re hardly our entire purpose.

Power means industriousness, praxis, and self-determination. All of these are qualities that are limited in communities and markets that lack access to reliable or resilient sources of energy. Bringing the latter enables the former. Electrical power brings with it personal and communal power. 

The sky means more than light and wind. The sky means breadth and limitless scale or unlimited potential. This is what our extensive ecosystem of professionals, advisors, and advocates has brought not only our team, but our customers, too. Our ecosystem provides access to proven expertise at every level of the energy community, both domestically and abroad.

It’s this passion that inspires us to seek out unique technology solutions and financial models that can spur meaningful impacts on communities around the world.

“The reason I was shaking? This man changed my life, knowing him throughout some of the hardest years. I nannied for his kids. When my parents went out of town, I stayed at his replica of my house, on-post in Meridian. I even moved across the country to live with him and his wife, and nannied for the kids while he was deployed.”