The Last Kilometer, launched in January 2016, is a non-profit dedicated to solving resource problems beyond the grid by accelerating the adoption of clean technologies. The Last Kilometer works to bridge the gap between clean technology innovation and adoption. The Last Kilometer researches, develops and deploys programs that provide access to energy, increase resiliency and help organizations build capacity for growth and sustainability. Introducing a new technology to the world beyond the grid comes unique risks and challenges. As a non-profit, The Last Kilometer helps pilot and study the impact of new clean technology solutions and help ready them for deployment at a scale needed to address global resource problems. Our collective experience includes projects for the US Department of Defense, United Nations, Ministries of Energy, Rural Energy Authorities, communities facing water and energy crisis, commercial and industrial agricultural producers, universities and think tanks.

Part of The Last Kilometer, a non-profit working group called Net-Zero Advisors (NZA) is a network of experts with direct industry, policy, and operational experience in the Department of Defense (DoD)’s use of sustainable net-zero technologies for expeditionary humanitarian deployments in the U.S. and abroad. NZA has introduced future concepts into emergency and disaster planning, including configurations that tailor power, water and waste systems for far more compact and resource efficient solutions. NZA is focused on applying solutions which enable operational continuity and mission readiness in non-profit, or low-margin emerging markets.