Business and Non-profit (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda)

Combat Climate Change:

Grid & Energy:

Physicist with decades of work in SSA including areas where no other AID reaches. Helped 22,000 people live in healthier homes through clean stove installations. Projects include clean stoves, microgrids, cattle management, clean water, local economic development, community resource center, training microgrid and stove installers (installers work in three countries). Accelerate and scale current projects aforementioned and develop sustainable housing

Equipping Local Boots on the Ground, Local Farmers, Local Business, Creative Finance and Sustainable Business Model

Reduce Energy Poverty Among: Youth, Rural, Nomads, Women, Men

Productive Use: Agriculture, Clean Cooking, Clean Water, Housing, Sanitaion, Workforce, Job Creation and Clean Energy Entrepreneurs, Power for Business Operations, Power for Community Development, Economic Uplift, Public Health