Flyer Defense

Flyer Defense LLC was formed in 2000 to provide mission specialized, lightweight, off-road wheeled tactical vehicles capable of internal transport in rotary and tilt wing aircraft


The Flyer family of successfully tested and certified Advanced Light Strike Vehicles are interoperable and interchangeable with a high degree of commonality.

This allows for a mission’s focus and role to be customized, all from the two base vehicles’ width architectures for immediate operational and/or combat relevance configuration.

Flyer Defense has a proven history of developing specialized, highly mobile, wheeled tactical military vehicles which are easily transportable and can perform a variety of mission sets. Dating to its earliest forays with its first-generation designs during the 1990s, Flyer Defense focused on building high-performance chassis which were rugged yet lightweight. These were mated to a suspension and powertrain which would enable superior off-road performance in terms of ground clearance, angle of approach and departure, and reasonable range and payload carrying capacity.