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The mission of MK Advisors is to provide access to equitable resources and innovative models which include climate change solutions and carbon capture technology. Applying our community development framework, MK Advisors enables community resilience, applying economic development accelerants through stakeholder engagement, female empowerment, an international toolkit, and creative finance. We do this through the efforts of our team and the extensive reach of our network of partners.

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MK Advisors, LLC Awarded USAID Contract for Advancing Modern Power through Utility Partnerships “AmpUp”

Brighton, MI – October 5, 2021 – MK Advisors joins co-creation collaborative to enable and facilitate the future of modern power through utility partnerships. On July 20, USAID launched the $39M the Advancing Modern Power through Utility Partnerships (AMP-UP) program introduces an innovative performance improvement model centered around peer-to-peer relationships and strong practitioner and stakeholder networks to deploy expertise and establish pathways to implement best practices with measurable and sustainable impacts. This work will take a new approach to building collaborative structures for USAID-assisted utilities. […]

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MK Advisors Announces Michael Johnson as Newest Member of Strategic Energy Ecosystem

MK Advisors (MKA), a woman-owned consulting group focused on sustainable and resilient power solutions, is pleased to announce Michael Johnson, Senior Energy Management & Sustainability Consultant for Viriditas Energy, as the newest addition to MKA’s strategic partnership ecosystem.  […]

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Justin Reflects on the Importance of Company Values

Long before I worked for MK Advisors, I was part of an inspired little company full of the sorts of people that a corporate HR guide might suggestively describe as ‘unorthodox.’ A hypothetical quarterly performance review might have said of each of us, to a soul: “ is so creative, forward-thinking, and takes initiative, but we’re concerned that they might not be the right culture fit for our organization.” […]

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