Power and Strength from the Sky


It’s our mission to provide access to resources, innovative models, technology solutions, and creative finance for communities around the world. We do this through the efforts of our team and our extensive network of partners.

We call those partners our “ecosystem,” and we work with these experts, advisors, and advocates to give resources that can massively impact the lives of individuals and provide solid foundations for economic development.

MK Advisors Rebrand

LkM Solutions will now be MK Advisors. Our new site will include some faces you will recognize as great additions to the MK Advisor team-of-teams. […]

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MK Advisors Honors Our Veterans and Their Stories

Struggles do not end when one’s service does. This Veteran’s Day, listen to the stories being told, and honor the stories that have been lost. Thank you to Anthony Ripley, for sharing yours. […]

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A statue of a man on a horse.

That Kearny Greatness

I find look looking backward into the deepest lessons of history, comforting on many levels. I was not raised with the awareness of my genetic connection to greatness, but as I explore these epigenetic threads, I am most amazed by the complexity of my ancestors and their often-reckless pursuit of freedom. […]

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