TMB + NTF Acquisition

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Brighton, Michigan – MK Advisors is thrilled to announce the acquisition of The Mana Boutique (TMB) by The Nhan To Foundation (NTF). This exciting transition ensures the continuation of TMB’s mission to empower female artisans in South Africa while aligning perfectly with NTF’s goals of supporting women-owned businesses and creating positive social impact.

Aligning Values for a Brighter Future

The acquisition stems from a longstanding relationship between MK Advisors’ founder, Michelle “MK” Klassen-Merrigan, and Nhan To Foundation and Oakrocket founder, Dao Jensen, a long-time supporter of the Mana artisans. The two originally met at the Women’s Presidents Organization Platinum 7 group in South Africa.  Having witnessed the positive impact of Mana products on recipients over the years, NTF recognized the brand’s potential to further its mission.
“The Nhan To Foundation is the perfect home for The Mana Boutique,” said Klassen-Merrigan. “Their dedication to empowering women and fostering economic growth among marginalized groups perfectly aligns with Mana’s core values. This acquisition will allow us to expand TMB’s reach to the YPO, AWS, HBS OPM, and female-focused communities around the world, tell the stories of these incredible artisans, and create an even greater positive impact.”
NTF shares Michelle’s enthusiasm. “We are thrilled to acquire The Mana Boutique,” said Dao Jensen, founder of NTF. “Mana’s focus on empowering women globally resonates deeply with our mission.  By acquiring TMB, we can amplify the voices of women entrepreneurs worldwide and support the communities they build.”


A New Chapter for The Mana Boutique

Looking ahead, NTF plans to leverage its resources to strengthen TMB’s online presence through targeted social media campaigns and collaborations with like-minded organizations.  This will allow TMB to share the stories of the women artisans behind the beautiful, handcrafted products with a wider audience, fostering deeper connections with customers.


MK Advisors is a woman-owned small business dedicated to creating solutions for climate change and carbon capture. They create jobs and enable access to low-income communities through innovative financing solutions for sustainable infrastructure.  For more information, visit


The Nhan To Foundation (in memory of Dao‘s mother and funded by supports a wide range of causes, with a core focus on empowering women and minority-owned businesses.  They achieve this through donations, partnerships, and community outreach.  Additionally, NTF provides digital equity initiatives, funding for the arts, and support for refugee and immigrant integration programs.  Their mission is to create a lasting impact on underserved communities.

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