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After getting to know our business and advisors, our intern, Aria had some reflection that she wanted to share. Here are her thoughts…

MK Advisors is an organization dedicated to meeting critical energy and resource issues with resilient and innovative technological solutions. Transcending general business approaches, MKA’s work holds community development at the forefront of its mission, ensuring access to current, long-lasting, and affordable solutions.

Though each of our advisors offers unique expertise and an accomplished history, they unify with the drive to assist MKA in reaching its sustainability goals. Here are a few statistics about the current advisors.

Advisor Demographics

Nearly 35% of MKA’s advisors have been in the US military at some point in their professional careers. Military branches served include the Army, Marine Corps, and National Guard. The most years of service completed by an advisor is  36.5 years. A proficiency in military language is valuable to MKA’s work with the US Department of Defense. 

Around 65% of our advisors come from an energy and/or sustainability background. With our projects spanning the world from America to Sub-Saharan Africa, each with energy as a part of the equation, it is no secret why so many of our advisors have extensive experience in a relevant field.

The Female Effect

“As she rises, the community rises.”

Women in positions of power disrupt the homogeneous and stagnant systems commonly found in male-established communities and business models. Communities elevate when a woman has the ability to nurture her visions. Both within and outside of the organization, MKA strives to empower and promote women in leadership positions. The following are some of the women with the courage to take action toward their missions. 

MK MerriganThe President of MK Advisors. MK is the driving force of this organization. She has adopted the mission of ceaselessly pursuing resource equity and the reduction of carbon output. Starting in humanitarian aid and then migrating towards clean energy, MK’s mission has driven her to reach all across the world with various projects.

Katherine HammackOne of MKA’s most accomplished advisors. Driven by her dedication towards a better future for coming generations, she worked as the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations to created the program that works to establish energy resilience. She is currently on the Board of ASHRAE and the Board of Slipstream.

Teri KrugerAn MKA advisor whose work aims to guide organizations towards a clean energy power source while reducing resource costs and diminishing certain business risks. She is the Founding Director and lead Strategist of Synergetics Africa and holds foundation knowledge in resource efficiency, renewable energy and business strategy.

Aurelia Van EedenFrom a young age, this advisor had a set determination to positively impact people’s lives while healing the planet through carbon reduction and renewable energy. She lives her life with the purpose of creating a future that is socially just, environmentally restorative, and economically inclusive.

Erika BoltonWith a professional career spanning from entertainment to nonprofit work, MKA’s Vice President of Programs pulls knowledge from her vast experiences to offer a unique and creative perspective. Guided by the power of love, she uses her skills to forge innovative solutions to modern-day problems.

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