MK Advisors Announces Michael Johnson as Newest Member of Strategic Energy Ecosystem

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MK Advisors Announces Michael Johnson as Newest Member of Strategic Energy Ecosystem

BRIGHTON, MI, August 5, 2021 – MK Advisors (MKA), a woman-owned consulting group focused on sustainable and resilient power solutions, is pleased to announce Michael Johnson, Senior Energy Management & Sustainability Consultant for Viriditas Energy, as the newest addition to MKA’s strategic partnership ecosystem. 

Michael Johnson brings over 25 years of project and program management experience, as well as a litany of success stories in collaborating with utilities, local governments, and community businesses to effectively implement renewable energy solutions. This includes a focus on microgrids and distributed energy planning for developing small communities and eco-villages. 

Michael’s skills and knowledge go well beyond consulting and management to include coaching and other modalities that he can bring to his clients.  He is also the founder and Nature-Connected Coach of Balanced Earth Creative (BEC), which empowers people to discover their strength, joy, and productivity in life. His certifications in Wilderness Therapy and Transformational Guiding assist him to relate to the challenges people face and help guide them through their own process to achieve their goals.

“I am excited to welcome Michael Johnson to MK Advisors,” said MKA founder and president Michelle Merrigan.  “Not only does he bring 25 years in the sustainability industry but his blend of experience connects to the soul of our ecosystem. His brilliant gifts and co-creative spirit will enrich the transformational impact our projects have on people, profit, and the planet. Michael’s unique blend of experiences, tools and resources forge the power that builds resilient communities. For all he is and brings, we are excited to have Michael join our team.”

“I believe MK Advisors brings the collaborative spirit to all their community-based projects,” said Johnson. “I joined to weave my gifts into the tapestry of what MK Advisors offers in providing the tools and resources that result in self-sufficient and resilient communities.  I feel blessed to be a member of this wonderful team of people.”

Michael’s expertise squares neatly with MKA’s mission to improve the accessibility of technology solutions, financial models, and community-first outcomes for long-term sustainability and economic empowerment. MKA is always seeking to expand our ecosystem of experts and advocates to meet the needs and challenges of our changing global community. 

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