MK Advisors enters into Partnership with Africa Power Initiative

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MK Advisors enters into Partnership with Africa Power Initiative

After years of fellowship with the founder of Africa Power Initiative (API), MK Advisors is excited to announce a formal partnership with the organization. We both share a passion for a future of resource resilience for often remote communities in sub-Saharan Africa. We are excited to partner with  API to further our work together. 

About Africa Power Initiative

API aims to provide clean, competitive, and high-quality energy options that will contribute to sustainable development, community empowerment, and the overall improvement of human and environmental conditions across Africa. API implements a business model that was developed to create a sustainable and highly-profitable enterprise with a deep commitment to local economic development and environmental responsibility. 

The organization has an overall company vision of creating a region self-sufficient in the production of green energy.  The business idea aims at providing alternative green energy sources to meet current demand while conserving the environment, mitigating climate change as well as promoting sustainable social and economic development in Africa.

About The Partnership

Years ago we did some work in conjunction with API in both Tanzania and Uganda, with plans to expand the work into Kenya. Over the course of the pandemic, Alan Oyugi, the original founder of the organization, suddenly passed from cardiac arrest, which sent a ripple of devastation through all of those close to him, including MK Advisors. It wasn’t until 2021 that we had the opportunity to meet his longtime business partner, Marcos Bitew, and we immediately started making plans to work together. 

What’s Next For API & MK Advisors

With our powers and passions combined it will be hard to slow us down. We’ve already started evaluating several projects to develop in collaboration, with hopes of announcing our first project together in 2023. We anticipate that by working together we will be able to: 

  • Accelerate carbon reduction and carbon negative projects for the benefit of the local community in terms of job creation, clean resources, and resilient infrastructure.
  • Enrich jointly developed projects with #thefemaleeffect – supported by third-party research, and validated by our fieldwork, which indicates that women and girls being prioritized in job creation and knowledge transfer actually acts as a stimulant to sustainable economic development outcomes.
  • Expand together for other community partners to apply this partnership model, at scale.

This partnership is going to create the opportunity for us to extend the reach of our tools and team into Uganda and Ethiopia and we anticipate additional projects in Liberia and Morocco as well. To follow along with our efforts, continue to check out our blog or follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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