That Kearny Greatness

A statue of a man on a horse.

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A monument.

That Kearny Greatness

This article was originally written by MK Merrigan and has been adapted with permission for MK Advisors.

I find look looking backward into the deepest lessons of history comforting on many levels. I was not raised with the awareness of my genetic connection to greatness, but as I explore these epigenetic threads, I am most amazed by the complexity of my ancestors and their often-reckless pursuit of freedom.

I visited Philip Kearny yesterday — one of only two statues in Arlington Cemetery, and such an incredible tribute to the man who gave his left arm, and inevitably his life, to defend and hold steady the foundations of this country. I stared at his figure with awe, and with a prayer to live up to the depth of his character. I also acknowledged the beautiful genetic “imprint” that his life may have had on mine, and I am honored to be among those who call these true American heroes my family.

My favorite quote captures the magnitude of this man: “…holding his bridle in his teeth, with his characteristic impetuosity…”

Philip Kearny received the cross of the Legion of honor, being the first American that had ever been thus honored for military service.

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