Welcome to The Mana Boutique

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Welcome to The Mana Boutique

Change propels us forward

Mana Boxes (incubated by MK Advisors, LLC) is now The Mana Boutique! We have opted to change our name and business model to spread more mana.  This action is one that we feel propels us forward in our mission of spreading love among those in your circle.  

When we started, Mana Boxes was a subscription box made up of handmade, one-of-a-kind luxury items created by South African women artisans whose small businesses were adversely affected by COVID-19. We ensured subscribers could enjoy ethically sourced products made by the finest artisans in South Africa. It was our way of propagating the kindness and love in which these items were made and shared with women in the United States. The contents of the boxes were meant to be shared, to spread mana

What’s in a name?
Mana is a weighty and profound word we use to describe the powerful energy felt for the people we love, the places we’ve traveled, and even the things we’ve picked up along the way. When you hold onto mana, you are holding the energy of the love put into each handmade item. From the fencing of Nelson Mandela’s prison transformed into elegant wearable art to the hundreds of women collecting single-use plastic to create durable handbags… the mana is in everything we do. We know you will feel it too.

Reflection brings change

We took some time to reflect on the direction of Mana Boxes and decided that subscriptions were beneficial in our first year of operations so that our closest friends and family could experience our entire line in a heavily discounted annual subscription. To let the mana be experienced by more, we decided to open it up for sale of individual items to you, the consumer, the business owner giving gifts of appreciation as well as boutique owners around the country.

Moving forward

Our business model is no longer only subscription-based. The Mana Boutique now most accurately represents us going forward. The Mana Boutique product catalog is now available for individual sale; you can buy it whenever you want—no subscription is necessary. 

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