MK Advisors President, Michelle Klassen Merrigan, Joins Slipstream’s Board of Directors

Climate Change Experts

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Climate Change Experts

MK Advisors President, Michelle Klassen Merrigan, 
Joins Slipstream Board of Directors

BRIGHTON, MI – October 5, 2021 – Michelle Klassen Merrigan, President of MK Advisors, LLC, recently joined the Slipstream Board of Directors. Slipstream is a mission-driven nonprofit that inspires new solutions to big energy challenges by empowering more people to adopt new practices and technologies.

MK began her career in humanitarian aid, working frequently in the developing world. For the past decade, she led the development of advanced energy solutions that met the mission of the U.S. military, security, and peacekeeping forces operating beyond secure supply lines. MK’s expertise in energy solutions led her to the launch of her consulting company and these energy industry “firsts”:

  • The first net-zero energy, waste, and water solution demonstrated to the United Nations Peacekeeping forces in Nepal.
  • The first DoD Foreign Military Sale (FMS) of a mobile, hybrid-powered border security system to Egypt.
  • Introduction of advanced microgrid modeling tools to the U.S. Army’s operational energy advisors.
  • The first off-grid solar microgrid of its size providing 24/7 power to a Haitian village, in Les Anglais, Haiti.
  • The first tender to be contracted by the Kenya Rural Electrification Authority to provide power for community stabilization.
  • The first off-grid environmental monitoring system for use by a major American power utility in the California desert.
  • The first mobile renewable energy systems deployed by the Federal Aviation Authority used for runway monitoring.
  • The first groundbreaking analysis of the logistical flyaway package for an elite U.S. Special Operations Forces unit, demonstrating that fuel consumption and generation equipment can be reduced by 60 percent with properly designed and configured renewable energy production, management, and storage.

MK Advisors is a woman-owned small business which enables and enhances the adoption of net-zero technologies through informed engagement with policymakers, innovators and market stakeholders. It’s our mission to provide access to resources, innovative models, climate change solutions, community resilience, technology solutions, community development, and creative finance for communities around the world. We do this through the efforts of our team and our extensive network of partners. For more information, visit

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