The Earth Is Opening Up–Why You Should Care

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The Earth Is Opening Up–Why You Should Care

This article was originally written by MK Merrigan and has been adapted with permission for MK Advisors.

When you take something without replacing it, voids are created. And then houses fall into holes and cracks form in the desert… until it forms underneath your home. D’oh!

I don’t really care about climate change. I think historically that environmental factors have created swings in temperature and in environmental events. I also believe that we have likely enhanced the intensity of these swings with the scale and the speed of our “taking.” I care less about the debate around climate change because it begs the ethereal debate, “how do we fix it?” It’s an abstract proposition.

Mother Nature has shifted. (And likely, the Earth has shifted on its axis — increasing the intensity of the weather swings.) We must shift with her, or not.

If not, it’s not the Earth we should be worried about. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the Earth isn’t exactly damaging herself — she’s healing herself. Look at the rains on the West Coast. The drought is all but done. Arizona has had more rain the past week than anyone can remember. The Earth literally opened up her big mouth to replenish some of that goodness — replenish what we have taken.


I’m not exactly worried about the future of our planet. She has seemingly repaired herself many times over. Ice ages. Continents shifting. Floods resetting.

It’s the nouns who live on and in the Earth that are at risk — those who milk the ‘Earth-cow’. And in some recent examples, milked the ‘Earth-cow’ dry. These are the things that seem to be wiped away. Many generations before us have perished. Mass diseases and plagues. Earthquakes and tsunamis. Hurricanes and tornadoes.

I’m not worried about the Earth — it’s you I’d like to keep around.

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