MK Advisors, LLC Awarded USAID Contract for
Advancing Modern Power through Utility Partnerships “AMP-UP”

Brighton, MI – September 14, 2021 – Along with various other organizations – Arizona State University (ASU), the United States Energy Association (USEA), the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), and Segura Consulting – MK Advisors, LLC has been awarded a USAID contract to assist developing countries to plan, manage and operate power systems more effectively by integrating low-cost energy resources into their power grids, modernize infrastructure and transform business models. MK Advisors is the only woman-led small business on the contract.

The Advancing Modern Power through Utility Partnerships (AMP-UP) program introduces an innovative performance improvement model centered around peer-to-peer relationships and strong practitioner and stakeholder networks that will deploy expertise and establish pathways to implement best practices with measurable and sustainable impacts. This work will take a new approach to building collaborative structures for USAID- assisted utilities. 

Michelle Klassen Merrigan, President of MKA Advisors, says “What is most exciting to me is that these kinds of future-looking programs actually can, and have, changed the trajectory of modern society. In this way, our work will deliver a focused and intentional plan to build the utility of the future–or in my mind, the utility we ALL deserve. In the Pacific, in Sub Saharan Africa, and in other indigenous communities, MK Advisors will begin this work with listening. Listening to people who live and breathe the air, drink the water, and plant the trees–these are the people who deserve equitable access to advanced solutions, while also dictating the equitable share of profitable infrastructure. We are honored to be trusted with such a mission, and plan to do right by the people who need it the most.”

Overall, AMP-UP4e complements existing, traditional models of technical assistance for utility performance improvement by establishing peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and augmenting it with supplemental technical assistance. Relationships and networks built through AMP-UP will facilitate bi-directional learning and benefit not only USAID-assisted utilities, but also U.S. partner utilities, energy companies, and technology exporters for years to come.